torsdag 25 december 2008

Ode to a Christmas Day headache, followed by a seasonly greeting

First it was the cider
and then it was the ale.
Then it was the chocolate,
and I got thirsty again.

There are Disney-ads and
carols on the telly
and the grass is never
as green as by Christmas.
Money are spent without
neither care nor worry,
the wallets are never
as empty as by Christmas!

Mulled wine, ham,
sausages and eggs
Salmon, mustard,
toddy and gingerbread!
Meatballs, pastries,
sure you are't full yet?
Christmas is for eating,
and the scale is out-of-order!

First it was the cider
and then it was the ale,
tonight we count no calories
so raise your glass again!

Christmas is a noun, but I bet that there are as many definitions of Christmas as of the word "pleasant" -- or, to be fair, "awful". For some, Christmas means the buying of presents for loved and dear ones; for other it means receiving them. For some it means altruistically volunteering at the Salvation Army's steaming pots of soup, serving those for whom they are kept warm; for others it means drinking mulled wine and beer until they cannot see or walk straight.

Christmas for me is a well-deserved break after a stressful year, a last pause for breathing before kicking off a new year with force and determination. If all the Christmas presents are bought in good time even the Christmas anguish might be kept away! Christmas Eve in itself is to be with the family, eat and drink and enjoy a good evening in each other's company, even if it means waking up with a headache the day after (which I am sure that I am not alone in doing).

Regardless of what Christmas is to you, fellow pottery blogger or -reader, have a merry Christmas. Enjoy the food and enjoy the drinks: we won't count the calories until January. Enjoy what is left of the Christmas weekend, peace be with you, and I'll see you in a few weeks again.

Merry Christmas!

1 kommentar:

O sa...

eggnogg and ale, hurrah!! very nice assonance in a few places, but it was the calorie part that amused me the most.

And btw, I'm already ymaking desperate new year's resolutions to "get in shape" - makes me feel slightly better.

Also, getting drunk with relatives isn't anywhere near as fun getting drunk with friends - which is why I almost always stay sober (yes, shocking isn't it) on events such as Christmas. So no headache for me =)